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otherwise military and people that watch, as helicopters at the ground of the collapse.
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very close to her family at night. >> i'm not what they speak of. >> most of the people here, with the houses. some have tips in it outside the hospital.
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flown into the airport repeatedly and the school in the country, and with his church, help support the school. >> luckily we have not lost any of the people, the americans or the haitian employees that we have down there. >> now, mli, they are helping the southern command figure out how to get the help in. >> reporter: the roads are so shattered that supplies are stalling at the airport. >> the worst thing you could do is pile everything up and not
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being able to distribute it. >> reporter: american troops, they are trying to set up the safe areas, landing at the presidential palace. it's one of the few available spots it in the city of more than $2 million people. >> had and about the only open space for them and the picture are the national soccer stadium over here. once again, that's filled with refugees right now. >> that's one reason why it is critical to get the port out. >> overtime on any type of relief operation or other operation, 95% of your supplies are going to move in. >> reporter: now, you know there was an outpouring for the scores and scores of them bringing supplies here to the embassy. they are noing longer accepting the supplies. it is just so hard to get it in. even if you could get them into the country to get them distributed to the people that need them. so they reenforce that message we have been hearing for a
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while now. make a contribution of money to a reputable charity, anita? >> all right, bruce leshan, thank you. and inside the haitian embassy, the phones were ringing off the hook. they set up a command center there to help. there are plenty of computers along with lots of phone lines. volunteers are still needed. >> as you can imagine, they are for people that want to donate, volunteer. neighbors who are looking for their loved ones, etc., they are calling the embassy, probably not just from this region, but from all over the country. >> the mayor, they also emphasized the monetary contributions is what's needed and the embassy is no longer accepting any relief supplies as bruce leshan is reporting. still to come on 9news now, a better life for 53 orphans that arrived in the united states today. we'll have more on their story coming up at 5:30. you can get the latest news and the relief information for them on and a 5.8 magnitude
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earthquake off the coast of the cay men island -- cammen islands rattled nerves. centered about 600 miles west of hay knee, no one hurt -- haiti, but no one hurt. back here in our area, some winter weather could be headed back this way. topper, we were just getting used to this mild stuff. >> i know. hard to believe. temperatures today in the upper 50s. the warmest day. for tonight, not too bad. actually partly cloudy and just chilly by january's standard. low temperatures in the 30s. right around freezing for them. downtown light northwesterly winds. temperatures right now if you're headed out, still very nice. check this out, 5 at national, are you kidding me? 51 at fredericksburg, 59 at quantico. and out towards frederick and cumberland. not one but two winter chances of precipitation. we'll tell you when and how much of a threat they are coming up.
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>> all right, topper, realizing that something was wrong. a dc counselor sent emergency workers to a housed today with extremely high levels of the carbon monoxide. that move came after the counselor talked to a team inside the house who said he couldn't make an appointment because he was feeling ill. when no one answered, firefighters, they broke into the home with 60 feet in place. and inside, they found two twin 15-year-old boys unconscious. a semiconscious 4-year-old man -- 49-year-old man stumbled out of the house. rushed to the hospital in serious conditions. a malfunction stove caused the problem. >> the man accused of plotting to kill barack obama has been sentenced to five years in prison. and the judge hoped that they serve as an example to all young people that might be fascinated with the weapons and the ebs employee sieves. our brittany morehouse reports. >> reporter: for more than two weeks, family members have shuffled in and out of the federal courthouse at green belt. awaiting the young man's fate. today, it finally came.
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the u.s. district, sentenced the 20-year-old to 61-months in prison. while the prosecution and the defense have different opinions on the ruling. they both agree. >> this case should send a message to children and adults. that this is not the kind of thing you joke about. >> they are giving a lecture to the community about guns and explosives. >> reporter: in a hearing that felt more like a trial. they contended that they were a kid with the military aspirations who stored weapons and explosives to the fast track of the future career. and they questioned why the code defendant was not treated the same. he struck a deal with the prosecutors to become the star witness in this case. >> and he is not the only player here. particularly patrick, i mean, he was so articulate in his chemical analysis. and his own area when he said yeah, i had 300 pounds. we drilled the computer. >> reporter: but the judge made it clear, this was not a case about patrick. >> when asked if he had anything to say before being sentenced, he took the microphone and said
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to the judge that the past 18 months without a doubt the worst time of my life. i've been arrested, taken from the college of my dreams. worst of all, torn apart from the family who loved me very dearly. >> reporter: and that the last sentence, he broke down in tears. brittany morehouse, 9news now and >> when the delivery is ruling, there are other goodies out there. they are fascinated with guns and explosives and they will be watching this case. police are searching for an arsonist that set fire to the montgomery county apartment complex. those flames broke out around 4:30 this morning on eagles nest course. one resident was awakened by a loud noise coming from the top floor. >> reporter: residence were climbing down from the apartments and they exited that back there. they came around the building to the front. you can see the flames coming in at the hallway that were very large and smoke coming out of the top apartment. the firefighters, they rescued four people from their
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balconies. one person taken to the hospital. the red cross is now assisting the displaced residence. investigators say an electrical malfunction caused a fire out there. flames ignited the bedroom on the curtain door of the house. and fortunately, everyone got out, thanks to the actions of the family member. >> and i ran upstairs, the drapes were on fire. i went to fill up a little bit oeuft water to see if i could help that back in the room. just way too hot to get close to the fire. and so, you know, pretty much i just grabbed her, her daughter, ran out, grabbed a couple of coats for them and called 911. three people including a firefighter, they suffered non life-threatening injuries. rescue from a sink hole in maryland. we're happy to report that the 30-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. the fire crews worked for more than six hours yesterday in the town out there to save the horse. while the temperatures webt.
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a baltimore tradition that is featuring cognac and roses and a mysterious visitor has come to an end. over more than half of a century, the mysterious visitor marked their birthday by laying roses and a bottle of cognac at their original grave site. they failed to show up for the first time since january 19, 1949. three dozen pope fans waited all night for the visitor. so far, no explanation for his or her absence. and if you donated to the haiti relief efforts, how do you know it your money actually makes it there? coming up, we'll give you a warning sign to look out for. and massachusetts voters, they go to the polls to elect a new u.s. senator. and it's the state election that could have national implications. i'm drew drew in boston, that story coming up. plus, heavy rain that is bringing massive floods to the los angeles area. we'll be right back.
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dow finishing up the at 5:25. and the s&p 500 climbed 14 points. >> president obama is asking congress for $1.35 billion to ebs tend an education grant program for the states. he traveled to the elementary school in falls church to make the request. the school served some of the lowest income students, yet it's one of the highest performing schools in fairfax county. >> raise the bar for all our students. and take bigger steps towards closing the achievement gap that denied so many students, especially black and latino students. >> ebs tending the grant will allow them to cross that across the nation. one year after president obama took office, the fate of his agenda could be determined tonight in massachusetts. voters, they are going to the polls to choose the replacement for the late senator ted
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kennedy. for the first time in half a century, that fee could go to the republicans. we're going down to drew levinson who is live in boston with the latest on this story, drew? >> reporter: well, we're here at martha's wos ton headquarters where she hopes if many just a few hours, she will be celebrating a victory. but that by no mean is a given. in fact, there are political experts who say this democrat in very liberal massachusetts, has a good chance of losing to the man she was beaten just a few weeks ago. it's a state vote which could impabt them. a win would give that party 41 senate seats. it's enough to stop the democrats from passing legislation without them. and that would hurt president obama's chances of pushing through their agenda. >> this has been fun. i'm honored to be here.
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i'm very excited. watch yourself, watch yourself. very excited for the results. >> reporter: the democrats once held a big leave in the liberal leaning massachusetts. now, many polls show her behind. >> we don't pay attention, despite what everybody thinks. to all the medias, we pay attention to the ground game. >> reporter: and when the democratic senator dieded last year, spending much of their career fighting for the health care reform. and now, the fate of that reform could hang on the results of this election. they realize it too. most that we have talked to say health care was the main reason that they came out. >> we need national health care and we need somebody to represent this state. >> i'm afraid of it. i don't know enough about it. and from what i heard, i feel like i should go against it. >> reporter: the democrats are taking their best. hinting if brown wins, they
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will try to find a way to push through the final health care bill before he takes office. >> democrats outnumber the republicans in the state 3-1. half of them are independent. and polls are closed at 8:00. >> thank you for that. heavy rain is falling for a second day in southern california. let's take a look at the video fromming long beach where there is significant flooding, a flood flash watch in affect for areas scared by last summer's wildfire. evacuating from their homes in the foothill communities where they were allowed to return last night. today's storm expected to dump one to three inches along the coast and the valley. up to 6 inches in the mountains out west. >> wow, using boats to get around. >> yes, it this is the other storm tomorrow. >> that is bad and not unlike that el nino winter and that does happen. pretty normal. now, with the best shot, we didn't get to it last thursday. we'll get to it today though.
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and this is kind of cool. they included his name, tom allen and the location too. that is the street. when the snowfalls and they cover the entire car, that's good stuff. don't you think? i love that. they are shoveling it out. a good tip for them, but it's tough on your car. >> that is smart. smarter than the average bear. if you would like to send us a picture, submit it out there and hit the weather tab. you'll see the drop down menu. submit the best shot and please include your name, town, location, and a brief description. okay, next three day, hard to believe that we've gone downhill so hard. you're 59 today, 44 tomorrow. the day will be fine. slight chances of the light snow tomorrow night and primarily south of town. and then that first california storm, they get in here. and it will die in that tennessee and ohio valley. reforming off the coast to give us a cold rain to start and to
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mix on thursday night and end the snow on friday. look at the highs they hold in the upper 30s. at night, they will be flirting with the freezing mark, even downtown thursday night. for tonight, no problem. partly cloudy and chilly. lows in the 30s. and upper 30s downtown. winds are northwesterly at 10. lows around the area, well, 31 at great falls. but 36 out there. 34 in silver springs. 32 at bowie and 33 in upper marlboro. that's a deal for this time of the year. and also a deal, look at the temperatures, 51 at gaithersburg. and 54 at fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. a little colder. and increasing clouds. again, a snow overnight. nothing during the day. high temperatures near 45. so we lose about 15 degrees tomorrow. and there is the storm out west. here's the other storm that is going to pound in there tomorrow. and this is the first storm with a piece of energy that will shoot across the plain states and eventually to give us the slight chance of a little bit of the light snow tomorrow. a better chance for thursday night and into friday.
5:21 pm
today, a few clouds to start. and that is still on our website. the next seven days, 44 tomorrow. maybe a little light snow south. and a much cooler area out there through friday morning. but then look what happens behind the system. back for the upper 40s on saturday. we're on the warm side for that second storm. that had be near 50. then maybe a leftover shower. getting a little colder with the highs near your 40s. >> that's looking pretty good. >> yes. thank you, topper. still to come, who is getting moring bang for their bucks out of marriage. men or women? and a surprising new survey. they answer the question. (announcer) pillsbury grands! biscuits,
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rewarding and fun summer experience. just click on the family magazine group on did you hear that? >> time to think about summer camp. >> i'm just trying to get through spring break. let's just get through the lead here. >> for the longest time, it was women that got the biggest financial boost from getting married. but now, the tide has turned. and mr. that's right. not only are more women earning more than their husbands. but they have more education too. and audrey barnes, takes a look. >> reporter: mark and lisa married for more than 20 years. also the one that is bringing home the bacon. >> i don't have a problem with it. and i don't want to learn. and i have been fortunate enough to hold the same job for 18 years, 17 years. >> reporter: researchers at the centers, they say fewer couples, they now fit that profile. >> what about your house? >> well, my house, yes, my wife makes more than i do. i don't have a problem with it. >> reporter: experts are calling it the rise of wives. more women than ever, now earn more than their husbands.
5:26 pm
and they are better eted too. >> it's a great thing. it's about time that women get recognized for their new, you know, in life. and they have worked hard and they deserve where they are at. >> reporter: and apparently, the economic downturn is reenforcing the gender reversal trend. researchers say that men are losing their jobs more than women. >> reporter: who make more, you or him? >> i do. >> does that create any problems for you? >> it doesn't. we're in the same industry. and right now, his career is influx. >> reporter: as long as the money is all contributed to the same, you know, household, it shouldn't be a problem. >> reporter: they are sticking for what works for them. >> if she doesn't need to work, i don't want her to work. >> reporter: audrey barnes, 9news now and >> apparently he does not talk either, right? >> oh, okay. even though things for wives are improving, still an income gap. according to 2009 census figures, women with full-time jobs earned about 78% of what
5:27 pm
men earned. still to come, area students joining the haitian relief efforts. and those who are in that new studies, they were okay. how one local school is making a frommatic -- traumatic difference. plus, some orphans in haiti could be in new homes after arriving this morning.
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hungry people are still fighting for the food. they are planning more air drops and they know that they must be careful. the american government is giving out 48,000 radios. and so the haitians, they can find out where to go for food and water. and hospitals, they are struggling to treat the injured without enough medicine. and many haitians, they are just trying to get on both to escape their country. well, there is video of the shock itself that is now surfacing. >> that's right. the cincinnati man on the missionary trip to port-au-prince shot this video out of the orphanage.
5:31 pm
the missionary and other adults work quickly to get out of the building to safety. and the 20 girls who were living at that orphanage are now staying in a one bedroom apartment. a flight carrying 53 other haitians landed in pittsburgh today a week after their orphanage was destroyed by the massive quake. karen brown has the remarkable story of the children and the people who were determined to bring them to america. >> rest in the arms of strangers. and these haitian orphans, they have made it home. and they had sleepy babies, mustarding in the smile as they arrived in the hospital with pittsburgh. >> we have a family that all love each other and they care about each other. and to be asked to leave without a single one of them was just not an option. >> they help run the orphanage in haiti, like so many orphanages, it was decimated in the earthquake. >> it was a real tough week living in a driveway with hundreds of children.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: after the quake, which was captured on video at another nearby orphanage, they used twitter and facebook to plea for a plane to get the kids out. and on monday, an air force c130 landed in port-au-prince to pick them up. not all the kids have the right paperwork. but the sisters, they refused to leave anyone behind. and it took a call to the white house before they were all cleared. >> and the passports and the fees, and it is a site to see. >> reporter: they spent the night the at orlando airport. by the time that they were on their way to pittsburgh? >> the kids were just interested in that as much as they could and the stacks to see that out there. this is awesome. tpwhrár they were already about 400,000 orphans in haiti, even before the quake. the u.s., they are now easing the adoption restriction. 47 of these kids, they already have parents that are lined up. they will go to group homes until the adoption process is complete. >> i any i'm dreaming. i don't know when i'm going to wake up. >> reporter: a dream realized
5:33 pm
from the courage of those trying to help children out of the nightmare. and karen brown, cbs news, new york. other orphans who were in the process of being adopted by americans, they are also on their way here and coming up at six, peggy fox, they have a story of the frederick maryland family. and that is finallying going to be bringing home a haitian child. and that they have been trying to adopt for three years. the school in rockville, they have been reaching out to the people of haiti for nearly two years now. and now, one week after the earthquake, the entire school, they are mobilizing to do their part from home. lindsey mastis has that story. >> this is our little village. >> reporter: because of being short, students at st. catholics public school know all about haiti. >> they don't have good houses, just mud out here. >> reporter: the students have been raising money and donating supplies since their teacher first traveled there with the connection mission nearly two years ago. >> my first trip was very emotional. and i thought i was prepared.
5:34 pm
emotionally. to see all the different things. i'm sorry. >> it is just a relief. >> reporter: they were suppose to head for haiti on thursday, but because of the earthquake, her trip was canceled. >> and we suffered minor damage. and we know we have a very long road ahead of us. >> i was worried. >> reporter: now students are doing what they can to help. >> and they have also done that sale for them on me and my sisters. >> wednesday, we're going to do a tide day. sot kids, they can come in and dress in royal blue and other colors. >> reporter: in the fall, they raised money for a hospital. >> we had a yard sale. and we raised about $12,000. >> reporter: kevin baker has pictures of two students. his family has been sponsoring. >> and they were luckily not harmed in the earthquake. >> reporter: the students say they are keeping the haitian people in their prayers.
5:35 pm
in rockville, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now and >> some of the student donations arrived at their village a week ago. and those items have now been transported to port-au-prince to help the people suffering there. we want to remind you, george clooney and wyclef jean will host that at 8 p.m. on among the celebrities, now scheduled to perform, sting, justin timberlake, christinaing aguilera and alicia keys. time to get a check on the evening rush hour. in the 9news now traffic center. >> well, that is what you say for many of us. and it's clear here as we take a live shot out of the capitol beltway. very slow from the dallas toll road, all the way up to the 270 split drivers that will be on the breaks for most -- brakes
5:36 pm
for most of the way. we switch our focus to virginia. a live shot of 66 westbound. take a look at this crawl. all the way from 495 to 700. a 25 to 30-minute ride at this hour. we'll fly over 50 eastbound as we go out there. you can see a little bit of the slow down that is hitting bowie. but the big problem is actually beyond the bay bridge where where she a very bad accident out there. locking all lanes in that direction and alternates free for you tonight at 3:13, 14, and 16 to get around that. guys, back to you. >> thank you. coming up. a chocolate revolution. and an american company takes over the factory. but first, conan fans fight to keep their late night host on the air at nbc.
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i'm alex trevino with the living green tip of the day. to get rid of the grind without scratching the surface. you can get more tips on just click on living green. as nbc tries to sort out their late night show lineup. fans are taken to the streets to support their host. hundreds of conan o'brien fans lined outside the studios in l.a. to catch a glimpse of the comedian and to give them a high five. they wanted the tonight show to start half an hour later so jay leno could move back to the late prime show. the prime show is taking a beating in the ratings. conan is refusing to go with that move. a victory for david letterman in a case that has made headlines around the
5:40 pm
world. refusing to throw out grand larceny tpáeu charges. he's a cbs television prosecutors. demanded $2 million to keep quiet about the staffers. they argued he was working on a legitimate business deal. the judge didn't buy it. he could get up to 15 years in prison if convicted. here is a sweet deal. the british candy maker has agreed to a $19.5 billion takeover offer from kraft foods. creating the world's biggest candy company combining kraft companies and dairy milk chocolates. cadbury had been fighting the takeover for months. apple might be just a day away from taking over thing long awaiting tablet computer. unvailing what they call their latest creation next wednesday in san francisco. and the next generation color-touch screen device is set to be bigger than an iphone, but smaller than the standard laptop.
5:41 pm
and still ahead, blowing down the aging process. a new study that shows why eating fish might be a part of the secret. but upfection had, some things to consider before you give to the haiti relief efforts. they will help you check out the charities. and lesli foster, it's tuesday. time for the latest installments of the good, the bad, the ugly, tonight, how the two-man boost at the celtics game suddenly became a three-man boost. and plus, how this horse race ended in violence. and not for the horses. with the lightweight cups out there in nine minutes. , the warmest day since november. we'll take you out with the stats. you can access this on the web on and 60 degrees goes into the books. 33 the low. averaging about 42 and 27. the record highs are 71. the record low you might remember back in 1994. we have all the sleet and the cold. and we don't need that. we'll come back and talk about winter heading our way. stay tuned.
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many of you have made a donation by text, online, or by phone. but how much of your contribution to that relief effort in haiti actually makes it it there? tonight, a consumer alert about how to ensure were charitable gifts to get to the people that need it the most. >> every disaster is about helping people. >> and these snapshots of the devastation in haiti ensured that the red cross volunteers at their disaster coordination center, and they never lose sight of their mission to help people in need. >> we see the red cross workers, feeding, providing comfort. >> reporter: they are providing that support for them. and as of sunday, worth of contributions for them that have come into the aid organization. $22 million of those dollars, just through táebs message -- text messaging. >> that money is used to purchase needs for the haitian people. >> and it is just that easy to
5:46 pm
be deceived. >> worth a couple of days of the tragedy, already 400 new websites that were set up to try to take advantage of the situation. and thousands of unsolicited e-mails, span e-mails that went out, asking for donations. >> reporter: that's why ed johnson with the better business bureau says to do your homework. >> reporter: it is important to know how they are governed, how they are organized, and what percent an of your doe -- percentage of your donations would go to the charity itself. >> reporter: the spokesperson, they tell us that 100% of the text messaging donations go towards the efforts in haiti. if you give online or by phone or mail, 91 cents of each dollar goes directly to the people it in need. >> we are really trying to make sure that our donors, they know that we are, you know, very transparent. >> reporter: with an effort that will no doubt be ongoing for some time. experts say that is key. to make sure that you know where your money is going so you don't become a victim too.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: and by the way, you can earmark the donations for haiti on the red cross website. but if you give to the disaster relief fund, some but not all of your donations will go there -fp -l something to know. the bpb says 65% of your donations to whatever charity you choose should go directly to help the effort that you're supporting. we have a link to help you make a real good decision about the charity to support on our website. go to and click on living smart. but don't leave yet. because 9news now at six is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. some proposed budget cuts for maryland and how they are raising fears for one family. a frederick family, waiting to adopt a haitian child gets great news from the state department. i'm peggy fox, and i'll have the stories coming up. and desperate to get to haiti. local doctors, they wait on standby to deliver the life-saving medical care. those stories are all new coming up tonight at 6:00. hard to let go of the day
5:48 pm
like today. >> 60 degrees, wow, that's pretty sweet. now, we're going to get hit with a couple of storms over the next five days. all courtesy of our friends in california. and earlier this afternoon, it was a warning, believe it or not, for a los angeles county. and can you believe that? and it includes long beach. now, it's over. the warning is over. but at one time, they had a tornado, a possible tornado, 16 miles southwest of thing long beach moving northeast at 35. let me take you up to the blue canyon. and this is up 80 as you go northeast of sacramento. they are getting hammered with snow. the sierra and the cascades, and getting hammered with snow in the first storm, also the second storm that's waiting in the wings. so this storm is very potent. all right, let's go to the next three days. we'll go downhill with the temperatures. temperatures a little light snow out there and that a mix is
5:49 pm
possible on thursday, turning to that area. and temperatures back into the upper 30s. tonight, partly chilly for them. not bad for january. winds are northwesterly. 31 at great falls. but 34 at silver springs. and about 33 in upper marlboro. temperatures right now, still pretty nice. and this will drop south of us tonight. it will cool us off. in the morning, 40s and 50s. increasing clouds, colder. snow or a mix possible overnight tonight. and high temperatures near 45. we cleared out nicely as the clouds have returned. here is the 7-day forecast. >> the light snow possible tonight at night. there is the mix of the snow on thursday. it is a muching stronger system. and right around the freezing mark for them downtown
5:50 pm
on thursday night for the mix down there. behind the storm, we're okay. back in the upper 40s on saturday. can we're near 50 on sunday with another california storm. we're on the warm side of that one. that will just be rain ending on monday. 50 on monday. back down to 40 next tuesday. >> all right, topper, thank you. >> all right, we're talking good, bad, ugly. all the good stuff in the sports world. >> i have a little violence. i have some fighting. and i have some in hack key which is normal and some in horse racing can had is not so normal. our weekly look at the excellent or not so excellent. the good, the bad, the ugly for january 19. we start with the good. that's shocked bit nba player in the game of horse during the practice. the golden states out there, no look from the locker room tunnel over his head. that's an h for everybody. i believe that. >> are you sure that was not it? >> that was real. that's why they are 12-27. too much horse, not enough actual, you know, practicing. the best job to protect your start. alex wants to fite with the campus down there.
5:51 pm
they drop it out there, getting ready to go. but he says, oh no you don't. that's my favre. and they say that you can protect your start, although i'm quite sure they would have taken the beat down. >> not out of that guy yet. he took care of this guy. >> and they have the best versatility for them on the defensive end. the falcons kicker, they got hurt during the game. so they needed somebody to kick off and they volunteered saying they used to kick that ball. look at the big boy. kicking it down to two. funny. i don't remember all of them kicking it down to the two. can we get this guy? pretty good for a guy with the defensive end. and that is the flexibility. the u.s. open champion, you might not like that her mom was an olympic gymnast that apparently it's in the gene. and that split chasing them down there. bare in mind, she just came out there. there is her little daughter. they get fouled here.
5:52 pm
they go down there and they crawl over to hug and kiss. and that is the best game that they have ever played. and for that team to like each other. the worse transition for the two-man boost to the three-man boost and the celtics game. thomas is going after that loose ball. and they pop that squat there. they should have put that headset on and calling the game. they would have joined it after and there is a minimum there. >> right. >> the worst job paying that bill, the new jersey devils, hosting with the lightning at the land out there. and the arena. we have seen that before. but they never came back on. and they started doing their homework there on the game to be reading the newspaper. eventually, they needed to send everybody home. they canceled the game and picked it up two days later. what are you going to do? go to the ugly, worse up kentucky's patrick patterson, off the turnovers here against louisville. he is going to cruise in. he can smell it.
5:53 pm
oh yeah. that is a lonely loss for them. and finally, the worse place to settle an argument. the fifth race at that part. check it out. and they started throwing punches at each other. for that much to two jockeys as you see it before. on the other hand, it's phillies, what do you expect? everyone likes it in philly. they have fans and jockeys in mind. >> that's true, anita? >> you know with what, i really do. >> if that is about the loyalty. >> it puts me to crap on the phillies fans. >> yes. >> changing plans out there. all right, up next, the actions that are good for you. they could slow down. >> we don't want you. >> i'm staying. >> all right, and they can slow down the aging process. new researching flames and how.
5:54 pm
we're in washington. >> yes. >> call the sports department. >>, stay with us tonight's living well segment with the former silly girls coming up next. there you go. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
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due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer.
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if parents needed to know about the sex of their baby, they need to wait for the ultrasound. and a new study shows that the blood tests are becoming more accurate. one used in the feather lands in nearly -- netherlands in nearly 200 pregnancies. or what the cost might be. but the studies, they support using it in cases where the fetuses gender is important for managing inherited medical conditions. researchers say diets reach an omega 3 fatty acids could help people live longer. pretty much it's a mystery. a new study looks at how higher omega 3 levels in the blood could help protect our chrome zones going downhill faster than you can see. >> you can see here, quite a severe blockage. >> reporter: this is what coronary artery disease looks like. salmon, tuna, and other oily
5:58 pm
fish would help diagnosises live longer, but how? >> the main results from our study is that patients with high levels of omega 3 has a slow level over the last five years. >> reporter: these are the red areas. tiny protective caps on the chrome zone. and they can protect valuable genetic materials and also serve as markers for how quickly our bodies are getting older. to measure their links of more than 600 people of the existing heart disease. >> those would be the lowest levels of the omega 3 fish levels in the blood. suggesting these patients were aging faster than those with
5:59 pm
the higher fish levels in their blood. the results of the study do underscore the recommendations of the american association out there that patients with known artery diseases, they should be getting at least one gram per day of the omega fish oil. >> it's good for all of us. how do you get those omega3s? the salmon, flaxseed, the resources. so will soybean and the canola oil. taking the supplement to get their daily dose. we have more on the beneficial stats on our website right now and on click on living well. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. >> with news and high definition. and this is 9news now. right now, here is the hard news on the ground in haiti. aid relief officials, now believing as many as 200,000 people have died in the nation. a u.s. marine unit with 800 members, they have moved to the sh

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